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Second Alpha-Cinematic Circumnavigation

We’ve finished our second pass through the alphabet. The first go-round took three years and was interrupted by Katrina; this second go-round took thirteen months and was interrupted by the birth of our daughter.

Out of 130-odd DVDs, my favorites were 28 Days Later, A.I., The Bridge on the River Kwai, Baraka, The Bicycle Thief, Cabaret, The Battle of Algiers, Donnie Darko, Double Indemnity, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Doctor Zhivago, Cinema Paradiso, Fanny and Alexander (TV version), Howl’s Moving Castle, The Incredibles, Hotel Rwanda, I ♥ Huckabees, Kung Fu Hustle, Knocked Up, Kinsey, The Life of Mammals, Life in the Undergrowth, The Lives of Others, March of the Penguins, Nirvana: Nevermind, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Take, Wages of Fear, The Wire (Season Four), and Whale Rider.

That gives you some idea of my taste in film and video. If you’re so inclined, you can add me as a friend on Netflix. Thanks to all y’all who helped us discover new and interesting works of filmic art. In some cases you may not even have realized it, but when I see a bunch of friends have rated a flick highly, I generally check it out.

And so we begin again. Will we make it through the alphabet a third time? Xy thinks so, but I’m skeptical.

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  1. Lee Lee

    You should check out “A Beautiful Mind” if you haven’t see it already. My neice played the soundtrack in marching band last year, and it was so beautifully done that we decided to check out the movie. We’ve been thinking about joining netflix for a while now, but just haven’t made that committment.

  2. Kent Kent

    I recommend strongly “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” one of my all time favorites. Read as little as possible about it, as you should protect the ending at all costs.


    Doctor Zhivago is my personal favorite. So much so that I want Lara’s theme to be played at my funeral. I think it is the most beautiful song of the last 100 years.

  4. Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo

    How about adding An American in Paris,

  5. Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo

    Oh wait, I meant to also suggest adding A Tale of Two Sisters, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Cinderella Man, City of Men, Dark City, Eat Drink Man Woman, End of the Affiar, Far from Heaven, Farscape season 1, and maybe a few others.

    I think running through A-Z is a great idea, but if it is boring or gettting old for you, you could always do this by actors, directors or backwards, just to change up the process some.

  6. Anne Anne

    Still not adding you to my friends list. But I am really glad you introduced me to Netfliks.

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