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I recently became aware that people who subscribed to get e-mail updates for this blog are no longer getting them. Something broke when we migrated to our new webhost, and I haven’t had time to fix it. However, I have found a quick fix that’s almost as good, maybe even better. In the unlikely event that you’d like to receive an e-mail notifying you of new posts to this blog, you can subscribe via FeedBurner. The only disadvantage of this system that I can see is that updates are not sent instantaneously. They are sent only once a day. However, this might be considered a plus if your inbox is jammed. One potential advantage of this service is that it will also mix my latest Flickr pix into the update, which you might miss if you only check the blog manually. Of course, you can get the same updates if you subscribe to this blog’s Atom feed, but for those who don’t want to use an aggregator, subscription via e-mail is a good alternative. Sign up today!

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  1. MF MF

    Hi Bart —

    I also don’t seem to be able to comment — or the recent comments I’ve made have gone missing. I don’t know if the problem is on my end or your end. I made a couple comments about J’s dad, and then another one on the “Explosions” post, but they never showed up.

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