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Weekend Update

One of the most frequent questions I field as a new dad are various inquiries into my sleep patterns. People seem mystified or nonplussed when I assert that I have never slept better in my life. It’s not a joke, though. Xy feeds the girl at night and usually sleeps in her room as a matter of convenience. I slumber undisturbed. It’s an arrangement that works well for us because of certain salient differences. Aside from the fact that I don’t produce much breast milk, I’ve also battled intermittent insomnia for years. Once I wake up I have a hard time getting back to sleep. Not so Xy, who can fall asleep on a dime, so to speak. So I really am sleeping better than ever, and I’m eternally grateful to Xy.

Except Friday night I could not get to sleep. Who knows why? Maybe because I’m back on the caffeine. Maybe because I’m going through a manic phase. I don’t know. But I woke up Saturday with 3 1/2 hours’ sleep and felt loopy the whole day. I was painting shelves at 7:00 AM and sweating like a pig, it was so humid.

My main activity for the day was to help Ben put up the remaining Mid-City signs. We were joined by Jac and Mike. Ben and Jac seem like true Yats; Mike says he grew up all over the east coast, but he talked like a native too. I’ve never heard anyone say “Yeah, you right” so much.

It shaped up to be a beautiful day; once the humidity burned off a little it was hotter but much more comfortable. We installed three signs in four hours.

Sign Crew

More sign photos here.

I continued the theme on Sunday, when I finally did my assigned blocks for yet another housing survey conducted by Mid-City Neighborhood Organization. I was assigned the blocks of North Rendon, Lopez, Salcedo and Gayoso, between Canal and Lafitte. That’s twelve blocks, but they’re short blocks with lots of vacant spaces, so it took me less than two hours.

It was pretty interesting. I took pictures of every property; the set is posted here.

An exhausting weekend, but in a good way.

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  1. Ahhhh, freakin’ insomnia, my constant friend. (BTW- Betts can sleep anywhere, any time, even if it’s a bed of broken glass)

    Just wanted to say Kudos! for the signs. I saw the one at Orleans and Carrollton and my soul felt lighter. Any sign that points to a resurgence post-Flood warms my soul.

  2. Anne Anne

    I’m really enjoying the sign at Tulane and Broad. It really brightens up an otherwise grim area.

  3. Kim Kim

    I noticed these new signs while I was visiting the city this month. Now I know who’s behind them–I should have guessed. They look great!

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