Saturday morning I was out early conducting a short tour of the Lafitte Corridor. I was skeptical about how many people would be up for a hike at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, but pleasantly surprised when a dozen people showed up, plus a half dozen more who joined us in progress. We walked from […]

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Here’s a nasty tale of corporate intrigue. First, check out this editorial from the Urban Conservancy about the Walgreens which is being built at Carrollton and Canal. I used to serve on the board of the Urban Conservancy, as well as Mid-City Neighborhood Organization; I was contacted for input on the editorial but can’t take […]

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I spent an hour or so today and another yesterday distributing 200 fliers around the immediate neighborhood on behalf of Mid-City Neighborhood Organization. Here’s the text of the flier: ATTENTION NEIGHBORS: The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization Requests Your Attendance at a Public Meeting MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 6:30 PM Grace Episcopal Church (3700 Canal St.) To Give […]

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Sometimes it’s worth it. All the trouble, the endless meetings, the grant proposals, the paperwork, navigating bureaucracies, building consensus, wrangling volunteers, the phone calls, the e-mails, did I mention the meetings? I started the Mid-City sign project last year, when I was serving as Communications Director for the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization. We wrote a grant […]

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Normally neighborhood groups support the demolition of abandoned buildings. However, last Monday representatives from the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization spoke against the demolition of the old Lindy Boggs Medical Center. Reaction has been mixed. Here’s a typical comment from the story on Great, a bunch of boneheads that want to look important attempt to stop […]

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I administer an online discussion group for my neighborhood. With 432 members at last count, it’s been fairly successful, and we do our best to promote it as a higher-quality alternative to the notorious forums. However, there’s always room for improvement. After toying with the idea for months, I decided to try an experiment […]

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It was good to see a letter from my neighbor on the editorial page of the Times-Picayune this weekend. (Note: The “Good Neighbor Program” started off as a city ordinance that dictated storm damaged homes must to be gutted and secured one year after Katrina. We are now approaching the two-year mark.) Not such a […]

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Last night we had our Mid-City Recovery Action Meeting, as we do on the first Monday of every month. We’d been planning since last week to address the designs that Victory Real Estate Investments, LLC, appears to have on twenty acres of Mid-City. What we hadn’t anticipated was Saturday’s front page story in the Times-Picayune. […]

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I picked up the paper off the porch this morning looking forward to reading another story by Stephanie Bruno about our renovation, the 18th in an ongoing series. But I was somewhat distracted by the headline on the front page: Giant Mid-City retail project planned A Georgia development company has been quietly working to assemble […]

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I seem to have gotten myself onto the board of not one but four (4) community organizations. That sounds kind of crazy, but let me break it down. First of all there is Think New Orleans. I believe I am technically on the board of Think New Orleans, but I’ve acted mostly in an advisory […]

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I had breakfast with Arthur Hardy this morning! Yes, the Arthur Hardy. Michael and I met him at Betsy’s Pancake House to discuss how Mid-City Neighborhood Organization might work with the Warren Easton Charter Foundation, of which Arthur (class of ’65) is Vice-President. I live right behind Warren Easton High School, so I’m very much […]

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Los Angeles has them. Atlanta has them. Even Missoula, Montana has them. I’m talking about Neighborhood Councils. In Atlanta they call ’em Neighborhood Planning Units. I’m sure in other communities they go by other names, but the basic idea is the same: Neighborhoods need control over the basic decisions that affect our lives. If they […]

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