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Declining Relevancy


Here’s some more webstats for this blog. That September 1st peak is when Gustav made landfall, and it’s been downhill ever since. Apparently I need another hurricane to boost my readership.

I’m joking of course. Actually I have been reflecting lately on what I’m doing here. I see this as a primarily selfish enterprise. I like sharing aspects of my life with the world. I enjoy getting feedback on what I write, especially thoughtful feedback that challenges me in a friendly fashion. I’m glad if other people can get something out of it. But at the end of the day, I’m writing for me. I am writing for my future self. I am my own number one fan. I’ve kept a journal off and on for thirty years now, and this blog is the latest iteration of that compulsion. Writing publicly adds value for me, but if I couldn’t write publicly I’d do it privately.

So I try not to pay too much attention to webstats, but they are fun to look at.

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  1. I subscribe through an aggregator, so I don’t show up. I was pointed here by the late Jim Hurd, post Katrina, but I’ve continued to follow you because you’re an interesting guy. Try to avoid hurricanes.

  2. Julie Julie

    As you may recall I was raised near Jeff Davis and Iberville many years ago. As a “senior citizen” now living in GA I depend on this blog as a wonderful way to keep in touch. I love your postings about the area and your beautiful family (especially the pictures). I would be very disappointed if I didn’t have to look at each day.

  3. Sherry Sherry


    Please do not stop blogging — I began reading you after Katrina, following a link from Michael Homan. Your blogs have been the impetus for many a dinner-table conversation at our house, Xy sounds wonderful and your daughter is a delight for all.

    Sherry in Israel

  4. Senor Chubba Senor Chubba

    Mr B.Rox.
    As a local NOLA person, the post-hurricane evac catchup plus the change in weather has made it harder for me to check this blog as often as I used to. I guess life is just getting in the way! Maybe that’s everyone else’s excuse as well..

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