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Toss of the Coin

I think it was four years ago or so. Definitely pre-Katrina. I couldn’t sleep one night, so I was sitting up at the computer and I googled my name. I came across my entry on the IMDb which I hadn’t looked at for a while.

It puzzled me to notice I had a 2002 story credit for a flick called Toss of the Coin. What could that be? Some more clicking around and I discovered that an old buddy of mine, Patrick Steele, had made a short film based on a story I wrote in high school.

He sent me a copy on DVD, and I was knocked out. The quality of the production was high, but more than that, it was like I’d had a dream many years ago and suddenly that dream was made real. So strange, and definitely one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me.

I just discovered yesterday that Toss of the Coin is now online. If you’ve got twelve minutes to spare, check it out:

Or see it in full resolution on

I like watching films without any notion of what the story might be. So watch it first before you read this short review from Film Freak Central:

Toss of the Coin (Patrick Steele, USA, 12min. ***/****) – Surprisingly funny, undeniably intelligent, Toss the Coin bogs down with its over-reliance on bad CGI. Less seen would have been more as the piece is Terry Pratchett-wry–a dialogue-driven piece revolving around the idea that a wacky afterworld mix-up has resulted in an equal claim by both celestial sides on the soul of a man recently deceased. A crack about The Promise Keepers is hilarious as are several other well-timed ripostes (a busy network server slew me); it’s lightweight, no question, but a message about ultimate morality runs a little deeper than first impressions might suggest and Toss of the Coin suggests a comedic talent on the rise.

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  1. Lee Lee

    What about that “Java Madness?” Is that related to the Our Drinking Problem episode?

  2. Lee: Close. Think “Slaves to the Bean.”

  3. The real mystery is how that entry even got started. Who put “Java Madness” up there in the first place? It wasn’t me.

  4. Poor guy. If he had only used a battery powered radio.

    I really enjoyed that. Bart, you should do more of that in your “spare” time. :~) Such a multi-talented guy!

  5. Great with Java in the morning!

  6. Anna B. Anna B.

    That was great!! Love it!

    Your work reminded me of a short film I saw by Jason Reitman (of “Juno” fame) called “In God We Trust.” Reitman’s film focuses more on the soon-to-be-dead guy, but I think there are parallels. Here’s a link:

    (Sorry I couldn’t find the original on Atom Films – I think they deleted it.)

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