My Journals

I've been keeping track of my life since I was ten.

Of course, most of this stuff is NOT available on the Web, but there is a sprinkling for you to sample. More will be forthcoming in time.

The way I see it, art gives meaning to life and vice versa. Consider the opening of my journals to the world an artistic statement, if you like; but be advised, this is the real stuff, warts and all. Don't read on unless you really wanna know.

Index of Journals


Little Black Books

On the Christmas just before my 10th birthday, my parents gave me one of those little black diary books. It didn't allow much room to ramble on about anything, just a few lines per day. I wrote in the book from time to time and recorded a few bare details of life as I saw it in 1977. My parents gave me similar booklets for 1978 and 1979 as well. I've keyed them in and put them online. I was amused to see what I had on my mind as a pre-teen.

Numbered Journals

I began keeping a regular journal in 1984, when I was 16. At first, I wrote a lot. Then, after high school, I moved to Sweden and I wrote even more furiously. When I came back to the States, I was distracted by college, and so I wrote less, and less often, but I tried to keep the story going.

I returned to my journals with a passion in 1990. I had just graduated from college, and I fancied myself a writer. I also kept some experimental journals at this time.

Then ROX was born, and my journalistic impulses found expression through television. Still I wrote on, but much less.

I suppose you could say that I gave up keeping a formal journal in 1996. Over those twelve years I filled thirteen volumes, which are all numbered and which sit in a row on my shelf. But who cares? These physical volumes are irrelevant on the Web. So I've organized some of the main 'entry points' chronologically below. Again, this is but a sprinkling. More will come in time.










Experimental Journals

Stone Cold '97

My father and I kept a dual journal on the Web! I call it "Stone Cold 97." The meaning of the title should become obvious once you read it.

Web Journals