This chart (via StatCounter) shows the long slow decline in monthly traffic to my blog since June 2007. I wish I had stats going back further but I don’t. I suspect we’d see an even more dramatic pattern if we could look back all the way to Katrina. The first big spike on this chart […]

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Here’s some more webstats for this blog. That September 1st peak is when Gustav made landfall, and it’s been downhill ever since. Apparently I need another hurricane to boost my readership. I’m joking of course. Actually I have been reflecting lately on what I’m doing here. I see this as a primarily selfish enterprise. I […]

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Here’s the top ten referrers to this blog since, um, well whenever it was I installed this new stats package. 274 185 154 136 98 72 71 66 56 54 Respect!

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I’ve been wondering how many people read any given post on this blog. (My web stats say this site averages between 200 and 300 visits per day, but of course that doesn’t indicate how many people really read any given post. I’m guessing it’s more like twenty, total. If that.) So do me a favor […]

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