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This chart (via StatCounter) shows the long slow decline in monthly traffic to my blog since June 2007.


I wish I had stats going back further but I don’t. I suspect we’d see an even more dramatic pattern if we could look back all the way to Katrina. The first big spike on this chart corresponds to Hurricane Gustav.

I used to think this reflected a general decline in my overall relevancy, and perhaps it does. When I became a parent I had less time to read other blogs and that might also be a factor. But I’m also inclined to recognize the rise of Facebook and other social media and the general decline in blog-reading.

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  1. Are RSS readers counted in those stats? Because I get the blog posts through Google Reader and only tend to actually click over to this site itself on occasions like this, when I’m prompted to comment.

  2. These stats do not include feed readers. Feedburner does track stats, though, and it looks like my average number of subscribers has hovered around 20 for the last year or so.

  3. Martin Martin

    Hi –
    I read your blog every other day or so. Why? I dunno, really, except that I find it to be a refreshing commentary on the everyday (as in ‘ordinary’) goings-on in one individual’s life in New Orleans.

    Why does that interest me? Well, I suppose it’s because I spent a year in NOLA (actually in Metairie) a few years back and I developed a certain fondness for the ‘suchness’ of the place, which your blog conveys very nicely to one who has returned to his own roots in the Pacific Northwest.

    Thanks for keepin’ on keepin’ on….

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