Our household has been diminished by one. He doesn’t look sick, does he? But this is the last picture ever taken of Milo. He was lethargic and not eating much, so we took him into the vet just after this picture was taken. They confirmed he was having some serious issues, and kept him over […]

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My picture of Folds was lolcatted by someone I don’t even know. Originally uploaded by blackheartedwolf2000. The internet is a funny place. Update:¬†As of February, 2012, the lolcat photo seems to have disappeared from the internet. I guess I should have saved a copy. I can’t even remember the allegedly humorous caption. Oh well.

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We saw the final showing of The Lieutenant of Inishmore at Southern Rep. It was a strange play: very funny and very violent. Some people actually walked out during the penultimate scene, which was bloody enough in its own right. The final scene was completely over-the-top. Still I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t too […]

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We haven’t seen Milo since I put him and Crybaby out of the bedroom this morning for making too much noise. He missed breakfast and now he’s missing dinner. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Update: He’s back. False alarm. But obviously my characteristic easy-going optimism is slipping. Still, I couldn’t be happier. This […]

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Dark thoughts dominate my days. How could it be otherwise, with headlines like these: Man accused of robbing, beating elderly women mistakenly released from jail and New Orleans’ future bleak, historian says and Mom gave teen a gun for revenge slaying and Many residents of New Orleans consider leaving and A culture’s sad finale? And […]

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Last night I dreamt we entered one of the many vacant houses nearby and found Lucy just sitting there staring at us. Alas, in waking life she remains missing. We finally put up flyers and talked to neighbors today. Some guys who appear to be squatting on the 200 block of North Gayoso said they […]

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Add this to the list of “crazy things white people do”: First, we collected our urine in a bucket. Then Xy poured it into a spray bottle. Then I sprayed it around the perimeter of our house. Why? The vet recommended it as a way to help Lucy find her way home. We also made […]

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When I came home from my book club meeting today, Xy was crying. Our neighbor, Richard, had just told her some bad news. She didn’t get all the details, so I talked to Richard myself and confirmed the following: Around seven o’clock this morning, he saw a car stop and pick up a dead cat […]

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Speaking of cats, Folds scratched Xy’s face again. Even though I evicted Folds from our bed back in July, Xy has been letting her back in and she’d been spending a lot of time on our downstairs couch. Despite getting scratched repeatedly, Xy can’t resist kissing Folds and pressing her face against the feline’s body. […]

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