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Paws in Water

It’s not often that I see a cat with its paws in the water.


Paws in Water

Maybe it thinks it’s a raccoon?

My boss commented that strays must be desperate for water. The huge downpour last night ended a long dry spell, but I took these pix yesterday morning, well before it rained. This is not a bayou — it’s a large street puddle. How could there be a large street puddle in the midst of a dry spell? I’m not certain, but I imagine it has something to do with our raggedy infrastructure. There’s probably a leaky main under this street.

Speaking of the Sewerage & Water Board, that remind me: They came by and started working in front of the house next door several weeks ago. It was a Sunday morning so we had the reggae blaring, which they seemed to enjoy. I was a little ticked because they blocked our driveway for no good reason, but I didn’t complain. I parked around the corner and made several trips to get the groceries in the house. Later, Xy related that one of the workers told her she was “beautiful.” They tore up the neighboring sidewalk and replaced it with a substandard job. Can’t say I’m terribly impressed.

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  1. Robyn Robyn

    My cat thinks she loves the water until she gets in it. She has jumped into the bathtub with me at least 5 times. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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