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Choice quote from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s entry on Gilles Deleuze:

Overlooking many important nuances, we can say that Deleuze’s basic notion is that in all realms of being intensive morphogenetic processes follow differential virtual multiplicities to produce localized and individuated actual substances with extensive properties. Simply put, the actualization of the virtual proceeds by way of intensive processes.

Say what?

Every now and then I like to read something that’s completely over my head. I used to view such material as evidence of my limited capacity for abstract thought. However, I’ve come to suspect that it’s an effect of jargon — highly specialized technical language. Since I have little schooling in philosophy, I don’t know the jargon, and therefore I can’t follow the argument. Thus my pride of intellect is restored.

Or maybe I’m just deleuzional.

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  1. Brenda Helverson Brenda Helverson

    “Philosophy is the consistent misuse of a vocabulary that was developed for that specific purpose.” James Reichmann, S.J., in Philosophy of the Human Person

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