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Here’s a little neighborhood detail I recently noticed.


Look Familiar?

The posts surrounding the yard of an old house on Banks Street are the same as a single post near the front gate of Cypress Grove Cemetery on Canal Street.

I guess it’s just a case of a product being purchased from the same source, but still I find it a little weird and intriguing. I wonder who made the posts, and when. Are there other examples around the city? Around the country? And what’s the story with that single post at Cypress Grove? It appears to serve no purpose.

The pattern on the post looks like a stylized face to me but I’m not sure that’s intentional.

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  1. Anne Anne

    There are quite a few of those around the city, although fewer than there used to be. I like them. Several houses Uptown have them as well. I think they are vanishing as iron fences vanish. (Not that I’m a poster child for preservation. We replaced our crappy chain link fence with a picket fence after I priced iron fences and had a slight seizure at the cost.)

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