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Become a Greenway Ambassador

Oops, time is getting away from me, but good things are happening. I also posted this on the FOLC site, but frankly my blog gets more traffic. See, we’re planning to do this year’s hike of the Lafitte Corridor in small groups instead of one monolithic horde. To pull that off we need a critical mass of “ambassadors.” So, if you’re local, I hope you’ll consider signing up for this.

Do you care about the Lafitte Corridor?
Become a Greenway Ambassador!

What does a Greenway Ambassador do?

  • Learn about the history of and future plans for the Lafitte Corridor
  • Share this knowledge with the community, including at the Hike on April 16
  • Help keep your community engaged with the greenway project

What’s in it for you?

  • Free Greenway Ambassador t-shirt
  • Learn local history while helping make history as we prepare for the Greenway
  • Meeting neighbors who are as supportive of the Greenway as you are!

Becoming a Greenway Ambassador includes a training on Saturday, April 2 at 10:00 a.m.


If you have any questions, please email Maggie Tishman at mtishman |at| ccano |dot| org.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested. I’ll be posting more about the hike itself soon.

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