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Lucy Please Come Home

We haven’t seen Lucy since Saturday afternoon. She was lying on the curb in front of our house, kind of a strange place for her to be hanging out, but when we pulled up in the car she got up and ran off in perfectly normal cat-like fashion.

But we haven’t seen her since, and here it is Tuesday afternoon. That’s three days. This is the longest she’s ever gone missing, and it’s making us rather nervous and sad.

We adopted Lucy and Bilal just a month or two after we moved to New Orleans, back in 1999. Here’s a picture of the two of them as kittens, at our apartment in the Warehouse District:

Leg Shave

We lost Bilal when he fell off the roof of our house on Mardi Gras in 2002. We lost Van in April of 2005 when he was apparently run over by a car. We never found his body.

But Lucy was my favorite. Is my favorite. I’m already using past tense, but I shouldn’t. She could very well still be alive. Cats freak out and hide. It’s what they do. Bilal disappeared for ten days once. Folds went in hiding under Xy’s parents’ house in Bloomington during our evacuation and stayed hidden for a whole month. And since we’ve gotten back to New Orleans, Lucy’s been ranging farther afield, prowling through abandoned houses and generally getting a little wilder. Over the last few days there’s a been a lot of noisy activity in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s spooked her.

Anyway, as I was saying: Lucy is my favorite of all our cats, and she always has been. She’s intelligent, playful, friendly and a good mouser.

Please come home, Lucy. Your mom and dad are worried. It would break my heart to lose you. I really couldn’t take it.

(Damn, just thinking about this has got me so broken up I had to shut the door to my office and get out a handkerchief.)

More pictures of Lucy.

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  1. Sorry about Lucy, B. Black cats are extra smart: our black cat Manet lived to the ripe old age of 19 1/2. I hope Lucy turns up and soon.

  2. ned ned

    for what it’s worth, Blue has disappeared on us twice, once for a few days and once for an entire week. Both times he was hiding in the crawl space under the house the whole time. It was agonizing worrying about him when we didn’t know where he was. Here’s hoping Lucy is safe and coming home soon.

  3. B, We both hope Lucy comes home soon.

    When we moved into this apartment we had a cat, Rocky who darted out a door one day. Never to return.

    Again, many people are hoping for Lucy’s safe return home.

  4. Joe Joe

    On “Fresh Air,” I once heard an expert on finding lost pets. She said cats typically are close to home, while dogs ramble. Hope it helps.

  5. MF MF

    Numa took off for two weeks once. I found him a few blocks away.

    Maybe if there are fewer cats in the area, she feels like she can widen her range, because she’s not getting in anybody else’s territory?

  6. Awww. I hope she comes home soon. I understand how you feel. I have two cats and just found out that my favorite one has a heart murmor. He’s only six and I love him to death! Hopefully he will be fine – but it is awful to have anything happen to your furry family!

  7. Day Day

    Not cool! J & I have had a difficult week or so with one of our cats, too – her eye started swelling and kept swelling until the vet said she would have to take it out. Long story short, so far she still has two beautiful orange eyes and she’s biting me every morning when I give her the antibiotics she’ll be taking for a while. I found this story: when I was freaking out about her losing an eye (it’s also pertinent to a wandering cat – follow the story to the 2005 update).

    We’ll keep our fingers and paws crossed until we hear of Lucy’s safe return!

  8. Elliott Elliott

    B, I’m sending out whatever vibes I can to get Lucy to come home. This is the time we need them the most. We’re making plans to put our dog Slim to sleep soon, but that’s because it’s time. We’ve lost pets prematurely, and it just isn’t right. I’ll be hoping for the best.

  9. Poor Lucy. Let’s hope she’s dining on whole birds and mouse feet while hanging out in her favorite vacation spot in New Orleans just for a few days.

  10. Random Dude Random Dude

    Does anyone else find it weird how it’s a picture of her shaving her legs naked? Im pretty sure she would have different pictures of her cat. Im just throwing this out there

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