The story about our renovation in today’s Times-Picayune is actually the seventh in a series Stephanie Bruno has been writing about us. I haven’t posted some of the previous articles here because they didn’t appear on the website for some strange reason. This one did, so I copied and pasted — only to realize […]

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Last night I dreamt we entered one of the many vacant houses nearby and found Lucy just sitting there staring at us. Alas, in waking life she remains missing. We finally put up flyers and talked to neighbors today. Some guys who appear to be squatting on the 200 block of North Gayoso said they […]

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Add this to the list of “crazy things white people do”: First, we collected our urine in a bucket. Then Xy poured it into a spray bottle. Then I sprayed it around the perimeter of our house. Why? The vet recommended it as a way to help Lucy find her way home. We also made […]

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Been too busy and too preoccupied to post, so here’s a random grab-bag update. My apologies if this seems somewhat haphazard or disjointed. We continue to chip away at basic clean-up tasks. I bought a pressure washer. The electrician was supposed to show up today, but he didn’t. The insurance company was supposed to call […]

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