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Add this to the list of “crazy things white people do”:

First, we collected our urine in a bucket.

Piss Bucket

Then Xy poured it into a spray bottle.

Xy Pours

Then I sprayed it around the perimeter of our house.


Why? The vet recommended it as a way to help Lucy find her way home. We also made a bilingual flyer which we’re going to post around the neighborhood.

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  1. Elliott Elliott

    Don’t want to make light, but you can add still another item to the list of crazy things white people do, right after “First, we collected our urine in a bucket.” That is “Second, we took a picture of it.”

    Hoping for good news soon.

  2. What if she absconded because your pee smells bad? Hmmm? I’m just kidding. I love black kitties and the name Lucy – no, I didn’t take her. Just posted to Metroblogging about her disappearance and hope someone will find her. Hang in there.

  3. Hey B. –

    So sorry to hear your kitty is missing – I hope she’s back by now. Oddly, same day yours went missing I thought I’d lost one of our new babies (we adopted a kitty the day before we evacuated… were about to get her fixed a couple of months ago but figured out it was too late) – looked for her all morning, finally made flyers and talked to all the neighbors and was pretty much completely freaking out – went back to the house and into the bedroom where the kitten crawled out of a no longer working wall heater with that typical ‘what’s the big deal’ cat look on her face.

    But our missing kitty story that tops all others – went on vacation a couple of months ago, didn’t see one of my cats for over 12 hours after we returned – at first I thought she was just pissed and hiding as she does that, but then we got worried and started looking. Thank goodness I got some kind of sixth sense and triple checked the alley way between our house and the one next to us – finally heard a faint meow coming from inside the house next door which was under renovation and had apparently had just had the interior walls sheetrocked while we were away. Pinpointed the meowing sound and pulled off a weatherboard, and sure enough, there was my cat, sitting inside the wall. Damned cat had obviously crawled in there while the walls were open (she loves little spaces) and then must have stayed in there while they sheetrocked it up. So, um, while I hope your kitty is already home, you might want to pay special attention to any nearby buildings that are under renovation…

    Will remember the urine trick for the next time – yes, it sounds a bit odd, but it makes perfect sense.

    So I wanted to mention that I’m finally in the process of revamping the Get Your Act On ( site and while there’s still a long way to go, I did finally upload a lot of my ‘disaster’ photos – stuff from the lower 9th back in Sept/Oct and then again in the last few months. In case anyone wants to look at more disaster photos… sad to say, not much has changed except perhaps some grass growing. I’ve started working on a series of photos of the same objects/places shot back right after K and then again 6+ months later (didn’t start out intentional, just realized that a lot of the photos looked awefully damned familiar).

    Again, I hope kitty comes (is) home.

  4. Andrea and PJ Andrea and PJ

    I seem to remember some XY’s urine being dispensed on the perimeter of our house during Mardi Gras one year. Was that the same year of the Mardi Gras cheese drinking incident? Put that on your list!

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