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Our household has been diminished by one.

R.I.P. Milo

He doesn’t look sick, does he? But this is the last picture ever taken of Milo. He was lethargic and not eating much, so we took him into the vet just after this picture was taken. They confirmed he was having some serious issues, and kept him over the weekend for diagnostics. We were racking up a huge bill which was making us nervous. They had him on an IV and in a heated chamber because his temperature was dropping. This morning they called to tell us he’d expired. He was just two years old. A few weeks shy of two, I’d guess.

It’s hard to believe he’s gone. Seems like just yesterday he was a palm-sized kitten.


Seems like just yesterday we adopted him under strange and crazy circumstances.

He was a decent mouser. He had a penchant for nipping at us when he felt playful, but he could also be aggressively affectionate. He was the only other male under our roof. Milo is survived by Folds and Crybaby and Archer and various ferals, including his girlfriend Bronski. He will be missed.

But though it sounds cold to say it, I never let Milo too close to my heart, for reasons previously mentioned.

And so our run of bad feline luck continues. We’ve lost five cats over the nine years we’ve lived in New Orleans. I’m beginning to feel like there’s a curse.

[More pix of Milo.]

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  1. mike mike

    Sorry to hear this, B. We had to put Chloe “to sleep” a week ago under similar circumstances. How I hate the thanatophobic language we are obligated to use in these matters.

  2. Tony Tony

    Although I’ve grown allergic to cats I still like ’em. I had a blue point Russian from 1987 to 1997. It was so sad to him go. I still use his name as a password. That’s how attached I was. On a very rare occasion I’d almost expect to see him ambling through the doorway from the corner of my eye. My brain however quickly rationalizes that he’s been gone for quite awhile. So I know how you feel.

  3. Julie Julie

    I am so sorry about Milo. Bart, I have always enjoyed the pictures you so graciously share with us. One of my favorites is the one with Milo in his “personal box” with the lettering on the side: Milo’s Box — All Other Cats Keep Out.

  4. Rachel (Lee's wife) Rachel (Lee's wife)

    I’m so sorry to hear about Milo. It is always sad and hard to lose a pet. My thoughts are with you, XY, and P.

  5. David: I’m getting this second hand from Xy but I think it was a congenital heart defect. There might have been some liver trouble but they think that was a secondary complication.

    Julie: Folding up Milo’s favorite box was a pretty sad task.

    Thanx everyone for the kind thoughts and words.

  6. Lee Lee

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss B. Over the weekend 2 of my daughters dogs were poisoned, they passed as well. This means she has lost a total of 4 dogs within a year.

  7. Laureen Laureen

    Oh no, that’s so sad, B. I feel like I have rescued the next Milo in Sully who I saved and who, you noted, looks just like Milo. I have only been taking care of Sully for two weeks but it seems like he’s been a part of the family already for much longer. Sullivan will always remind me of Milo, his baby photo being so similar. I am very sorry to hear Milo is gone. I will miss him. It is a shock.

  8. Julie Julie

    Bart, I’ve just been looking at some of Milo’s pictures on FLICKR and I ‘m now wondering – Is Bronski still around with his siblings?

  9. Julie: Yes, Bronksi is still with us, but only one sibling remains. And her mother. We feed those three feral cats along with Archer, our outdoor cat.

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