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Speaking of cats, Folds scratched Xy’s face again.


Even though I evicted Folds from our bed back in July, Xy has been letting her back in and she’d been spending a lot of time on our downstairs couch. Despite getting scratched repeatedly, Xy can’t resist kissing Folds and pressing her face against the feline’s body. I swear, she’s just like a little kid.

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  1. MF MF

    Is Folds the black cat in the back of the picture? My black cat, Numa, used to bite and scratch all the time, and Evelyn’s black cat Dinah was the same way.

  2. B B

    That would have been a nice touch, but the cat in the background is Lucy. She and Van are both black cats, and they never scratch or bite.

  3. Folds the cat Folds the cat

    Meooww. That’s what she gets for getting in my face. If she keeps testing me, I’ll keep cutting her! Meeeeoooooow!

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