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Missing Milo

Milo the Mouser

We haven’t seen Milo since I put him and Crybaby out of the bedroom this morning for making too much noise.

He missed breakfast and now he’s missing dinner.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Update: He’s back. False alarm. But obviously my characteristic easy-going optimism is slipping. Still, I couldn’t be happier. This calls for a drink.

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  1. Hope he brought you a nice mouse…

  2. thank goodness! I know what it’s like to think your furkid got out and might be lost. I think Milo knows where his family lives and that he is just as likely to be upset as you are if he wanders far.

    I hope he got some extra hugs and kisses for scaring you & XY so much.

  3. rickngentily rickngentily

    house cat / yard cat .

    it’s tough to make the transistion either way.

    glad it worked out.

  4. Bart,
    Could you call me (504 982 4919) or email me (drwswhite at yahoo dot com) when you get a chance. I need to chat with you about possibly speaking to my students when we get into town after Jazzfest (though you may already be at the Kennedy School by then).
    Banzai Bill White

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