The producers of HBO’s Treme have said that they are creating historical fiction of extremely recent vintage. Thus, while watching the first season of Treme last year, we were reliving the events of late 2005 and early 2006. And I couldn’t help thinking of what the second season might bring. The focus would shift forward […]

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I was on the local news last night — top of the ten o’clock hour. They pegged it to Nagin’s 100+3 day press conference, citing his quip about commercial blight, and then segueing to our rodent-infested grocery. They shot the interview with me yesterday afternoon. The camera operator (who bravely ventured into the grocery) turns […]

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Dreamed a TV show. Cloris Leachman had a brief cameo as a brunette. She also made a quick appearance in a group of dancers with her hair dyed platinum blonde. I didn’t realize that was her until the credits rolled. She was listed as Cloris Bleachman. The cameo idea came from The Family Guy, but […]

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Xy & I watched the premier of 30 Days last night. I think it was as good as anything I’ve seen on television in years. Better, in fact. The premise: People spend thirty days living a different life than they normally live. The first episode features Morgan “Supersize Me” Spurlock and his fiancĂ© trying to […]

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It’s TV-Turnoff Week. Needless to say, we’re not observing this in our household. Depriving Xy of her remote control is like trying to separate a crackhead from his or her crack. Of late, she mainly watches CSI reruns. She says it helps her cope with the buttload of homework she has to do each night. […]

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I sent the following query to Computer Chronicles via the contact form on their website: I am trying to research the question of the first television show broadcast on the Internet. I have found a number of references indicating Computer Chronicles went online in 1995. Is any more information available regarding this event? In particular, […]

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Xy got a call last nite from “Crafting Coast to Coast,” which is a show for HGTV that is currently in production. Apparently they go around from city to city exploring people’s craft projects. They originally got turned on to Xy through Greg “Pretty Pony” Der Arnanian. Funny thing is, this is the third time […]

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