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Xy got a call last nite from “Crafting Coast to Coast,” which is a show for HGTV that is currently in production. Apparently they go around from city to city exploring people’s craft projects. They originally got turned on to Xy through Greg “Pretty Pony” Der Arnanian.

Funny thing is, this is the third time we’ve been contacted by them. Each time has been by different people, none of whom seem to know anything about the others. The first guy asked us to e-mail some pictures of Xy’s crafts. (We did so.) In March we got an e-mail from a woman asking us where our video was, and that the New Orleans deadline was fast approaching. We shot a video and posted it on the Web. Then last nite we got a call from another guy who doesn’t know anything about the video.

Got to wonder where it will all lead…

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