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Here’s some things that happened over the last few days:

Got drenched to the skin on the way to work Friday morning. It rained real hard and it rained for a real long time. They cancelled Jazz Fest for the first time in thirteen years! I brought a change of clothes with me but I was still somewhat uncomfortable, so I left work a little early and ate a lot of sushi.

Friday nite Xy and I went to see Ghost Mice (Chris and Heather from Bloomington) at the End of Banks warehouse. They were awesome. I can’t adequately describe how good they were. You must see them. I talked to Chris before the show and gave him a VHS copy of “Fat,” which uses “Paper Dolls” by his previous band, Operation: Cliff Clavin.

I finished reading Islands In The Net by Bruce Sterling. The first three-quarters of the book was pretty slow going, but I slogged through and was rewarded by an interesting conclusion. I think that’s odd, because most books work the other way round.

Xy and I went to see Mean Girls. It sucked. OK, maybe I shouldn’t say it sucked; maybe I should just say it was mediocre. I understand it was the number one box office smash this weekend. This is probably because there was no competition.

I videotaped PJ & Gina’s band, Rabbit Hatch, at Gina’s art opening at the Marguerite Oestreicher gallery. It’s a tiny, ancient two-story building on Julia Street that I last remember as an abandoned ruin. Nice to see it fixed up. Unfortunately I was hungry and the weather was ugly and consequently I was just in a bad mood and unable to fully enjoy the event.

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