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  1. You think everyone picked up the story through blog or the op-ed? Kind of fascinating to see how a story can spread.

    The kids add an element that makes it irresistible.

  2. Can’t find the video on WWL’s site, but they wrote this:

    A grocery store on Bienville Street in New Orleans sits in much the same shape as it has since Katrina. Neighbors complain about the foul odor and rodents the rotting food has brought.

    More than 3,000 citations have been issued for owners in violation of the city’s gutting law and many more are to come, according to New Orleans’ deputy housing director.

    Tony Faciane said workers will inspect five city zones in order from A to E and that after going through only one area they have cited more than 3,000 home and business owners.

    Though there is the threat of having the city take over homes and businesses that have not been cleaned out after Katrina, Faciane said city leaders want to make every effort to avoid that.

    Faciane did say that if a structure is found to be unsound, it could be demolished.

    The gutting law has caught Nagin and his administration between those who are rebuilding and concerned about blight next door and those who say that a year is not enough time, especially for those waiting on their money from insurance or the LRA.

    Note that as far as I can tell the grocery is not amongst the 3,000 cited properties.

    In my view the WWL story wasn’t quite up to the mark set by WGNO.

    Frolic, I’m going to try to answer your question in a post later today.

  3. David David

    The most dangerous place in New Orleans is putting yourself between Bart and a camera! (Just kidding, mostly.)

    Actually, I recently had some national media attention directed my way. A producer for “Judge Maria Lopez” wrote me to see if I’d settle my small claims case on their show (ala, the People’s Court). I thought about doing it, because Xy is a big fan of those shows, but, like ElimiDate, I passed.

    At least you’re on TV for something worthwhile.

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