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30 Days

Xy & I watched the premier of 30 Days last night. I think it was as good as anything I’ve seen on television in years. Better, in fact.

The premise: People spend thirty days living a different life than they normally live. The first episode features Morgan “Supersize Me” Spurlock and his fiancé trying to make it on minimum wage. And — no surprise — it’s tough. Actually, they fail, ending the thirty days deep in a financial hole. It was bracing and angrifying. It reminded me of my own life through most of the 90s.

It made for interesting viewing. But as the New York Daily News notes, “the people who really need to see it won’t.”

Spurlock is producing the series (or directing or something) and hosting it, but he won’t be the guinea pig in every episode. Different people will take turns displacing themselves into different milieus. Some of it sounds intriguing, but I think the minimum wage idea has legs. They should stick with it. How about a show where elected officials have to live on minimum wage for a while? That would be some reality television I’d tune in for.

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