After joking about how my brain was melted from the varnish fumes Saturday night, I started to feel like maybe it was no joke. I got the chills and had weird, feverish dreams all night. Sunday I was not up to snuff. No appetite. I put in some more hours varnishing, but I just didn’t […]

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Juan Molina’s crew has been working on our house since Monday morning. They’re doing two separate tile jobs. One is the floor of the back room: The other tile job is the shower. I got two different colors of tile and told them to just randomly mix them up: Unfortunately the grout I special ordered […]

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I spent much of the weekend cleaning the “utility room,” the biggest room of our house. I’m still sore from all the bending and scraping. There was a lot of sheetrock mud on the floor, and a few magazine pages which had adhered to the concrete during the flood. I think I still need to […]

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