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Partially Varnished

The fumes from varnish are even more intoxicating than those from stain. Or maybe it’s the cumulative effect. Anyway, my brain may be melted, but I made good progress today and yesterday. I’m using a heavy-duty marine varnish that shouldn’t require a second coat. I think I’ll be able to finish varnishing tomorrow.

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  1. celcus celcus

    Marine varnish will not perform well under traffic such as on a floor (the stuff is formulated for specific uses) and three coats really are necessary. But they get thinner and easier to apply with each application. Steel wool or lightly sand between each one and clean up all the dust. You’ll notice a definite and welcome difference with the second coat. The third is really just a thin glaze the really puts the polish on it.

    What you have will be fine for a while, but it will wear quickly and unevenly.

    Keeping a candle lit while it is drying seems to cut down on the fumes.

  2. […] didn’t have the strength to get it all done. Close, though: only six window sashes left. But Celcus informs me that I’ll need multiple coats for the stairs. Plus I put the varnish on way too thick on one […]

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