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I’ve gotten the staining done. It took four days of solid work, plus a half-day of touch up this morning, not to mention a day of dicking around prep work, but it’s done.

Next step: varnish. I hope the varnishing doesn’t take as long. I’ll get started on that tomorrow. I’ve got three days before I have to go back to work.

As for the rest of today, it’s Thanksgiving. This time of year always make me think about home. Besides the obvious holiday reasons, it was around this time when Xy and I came back to New Orleans two years ago. We weren’t back in our house yet, but we were here in the city, staying on David’s couch. We shared a Thanksgiving meal with Mike the Electrician who would shortly thereafter wire us up and continues to work on our renovation to this day.

Here it is two years later and we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in our own home. So you see, we are making progress after all. We’ve got friends coming over, and I’m smoking a mess of turkey legs,and Xy’s trying to make key lime creme bruleĆ©.

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  1. Happy Turkey!

    The lime thing is going around. My mom and dad are smoking a turkey outside that sat in a garlicky tequila lime marinade overnight. I’m surprised there aren’t people lining up outside the brick wall edging my parents’ backyard right now…

  2. Happy Turkey Day!! =) Congrats on the staining.. and hey! Key Lime Creme Brulle?? OMG.. pichas please!??? =)


    ps: it’s just us 2 so we’re having turkey breast w/ sundried tomato, butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.. with pumpkin pie later for dessert.. yeah.. kind of California. =) no andouille stuffing or baked mac n cheese.

  3. Anthony Anthony

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Bart.

    This time two years ago was when I finally moved back into my house after those months on various sofas and guest rooms.

    I’m glad you are making the turkey legs. The idea of spending thanksgiving with vegetarians just didn’t sit right with me.

  4. Liprap — your folks win the gold star in my book for most mouth-wateringly enticing Turkey preparation!

    Just passing through, Bart, and hoping you and xy had a moment or two to enjoy those smoked turkey legs in between stain and varnish coats.

  5. Lee Lee

    Key Lime creme bruleé sounds awesome! I wish we had interesting dishes like that around here!

  6. Tony Tony

    Just passing on the belated thanks. Good to know ya. Keep on keeping on!

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