I was searching high and low for turkey drumsticks. They’re normally available in most local stores, but suddenly, the weekend before the holiday, we couldn’t find them anywhere. We visited seven groceries. Plenty of whole turkeys, turkey breasts, turkey thighs, ground turkey — but no drumsticks. Finally we found them at Rouse’s on the second […]

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A photo I took in 2005 was recently used to spur a collaborative writing assignment. I have no idea where the class was even located. I only found this through Flickr’s referrer logs. The students used EtherPad to collaborate, allowing me to see the final product. Here are their instructions. As a group pick one […]

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Today I’m giving thanks to so many people who have given me so much over the past year. To all of my co-workers, for helping me develop professionally to better accomplish our mission. To my fellow FOLC board members, for tirelessly pursuing our shared vision for a new greenway in New Orleans. To our neighbors […]

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After the culinary fiasco of 2004, I approached this year’s Thanksgiving with some trepidation. My confidence was not bolstered when Xy finally read the creme bruleé recipe and asked the following immortal question: What’s an egg yolk? I couldn’t believe she was serious, but it turns out she’s never separated an egg before and couldn’t […]

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Xy picked up this bust at a yard sale around the corner a couple years ago. Recently one of our feline boarders knocked it off the shelf, and it broke into three easy pieces. We were surprised to find Greek newspaper inside the neck. Did it come all the way from Greece? Don’t know. But […]

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