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Giving Thanx

Today I’m giving thanks to so many people who have given me so much over the past year.

  • To all of my co-workers, for helping me develop professionally to better accomplish our mission.
  • To my fellow FOLC board members, for tirelessly pursuing our shared vision for a new greenway in New Orleans.
  • To our neighbors for providing wisdom and sweat in our efforts to rebuild a better neighborhood, and also giving us so much help personally.
  • To our friends for commiserating through hard times and celebrating the good.
  • To my family for boundless love and support.
  • To my book club because the books y’all choose are sometimes great, and the discussion always are.
  • To my fellow New Orleans bloggers, especially those folks who participated in the Beyond Jena forum or who work so hard to make Rising Tide happen every year.
  • To the music bloggers who turn me on to so much music I’d never hear otherwise.
  • To our Realtor, and the people who bought our old home, and the people who sold us this new one, for helping us make our recent transition. And of course all the people who helped us move.

Am I missing anyone? Lots of people probably. Thank you everyone.

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  1. V’shenontom l’blogpocheh, man – and you shall teach it to the blogpocheh. Thanks right back at’cha. Be well and hi to Xy & Miss Seph.

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