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My friend Leonardo e-mailed me about this.

Our paper carries a Parade magazine like thing during the week called American Perspectives or something like that. At any rate, today’s cover story is on unusual baby names. The illustration is a dozen ‘My name is’ name tags like you’d wear at a conference. And the name, front and center, is ‘Persephone.’

Five minutes after he dropped a copy in the mail for me, my mother e-mailed a scan of the cover.

American Profile

I thought it was kind of cool, but Xy’s pissed off about it. She thinks a bunch of people will see it and name their daughters Persephone, thus making the name a little less unusual, a little more common.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    at least yall set the bar.

    full disclosure.

    back in the 80’s i had a gal pal who went by the name purse’s or so it sounded to the ear.

    once i got to know her a little better i asked her about her name.

    you can probably figure out the rest of the story.

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