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My friend Leonardo e-mailed me about this.

Our paper carries a Parade magazine like thing during the week called American Perspectives or something like that. At any rate, today’s cover story is on unusual baby names. The illustration is a dozen ‘My name is’ name tags like you’d wear at a conference. And the name, front and center, is ‘Persephone.’

Five minutes after he dropped a copy in the mail for me, my mother e-mailed a scan of the cover.

American Profile

I thought it was kind of cool, but Xy’s pissed off about it. She thinks a bunch of people will see it and name their daughters Persephone, thus making the name a little less unusual, a little more common.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    at least yall set the bar.

    full disclosure.

    back in the 80’s i had a gal pal who went by the name purse’s or so it sounded to the ear.

    once i got to know her a little better i asked her about her name.

    you can probably figure out the rest of the story.

  2. Jessica Jessica

    It will probably never be common but what’s so wrong if it is a little more so?

  3. sean sean

    In a name duel with her first and last names combined, she’ll mop the floor with her opponent.

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