Persephone, I imagine some day you’ll be asking about your name. You’re only three months old now, so obviously it’s not exactly on your mind right now. But some day you’ll realize this name is at least a little unusual, not to mention confusing to some people, and you’ll wonder why we named you this. […]

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Xy wanted to give some trinkets to the neighbor kids this holiday season, so she had one of the girls compile a list. Tomanique Shawn’ae Shawniah Shawnique Jurr’ieon Jurr’eall Melqueisha Amy Tyesha Joshua Zykeith La Aarea Keira Lamar Justin Cheveniqua Ages range from one to fifteen, and three-quarters of the kids are girls. I was […]

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Just got word that Xy’s brother’s girlfriend has successfully given birth (via C-section) to a healthy baby girl: Ella Dee Paxson, six pounds and a few ounces. I thought it was odd that the girl got her father’s last name even though the parents aren’t married, but I guess that’s patriarchy for you. Anyway, cheers […]

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