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  1. Anthony Anthony

    Man… I don’t know if the camera shifted the color but I’d pale up that green. Lighten it up by about half. Just the walls. Leave the trim.

  2. Julie Julie


    I’ve been looking at that window next to the door each time you show the room. It reminds me of the old “snowball stand” windows where we would line up every summer as children.

  3. TBK TBK

    … I don’t know why.;)..But I see this room as a serious opportunity for a playroom. Blocking in a small closet for access to the water heater, other small person proofing, etc…
    I see many many happy times ( even if it includes laundry) Happening here.

  4. MF MF

    Is the ceiling really low? It looks like it. Not that it would be a problem for me, being short, but how about for you?

  5. Julie, you should’ve seen the window in that location before we renovated. It had a metal frame and a substantial counter, looking much more like a snowball stand than it does now.

    MF, the ceiling is not especially low, but it is lower than our ceilings upstairs. I;ve never bumped my head.

    Anthony, I don’t think the camera shifted the color. It really is a rich and brilliant shade of green. Personally I love it. I was going to use a brighter shade but Xy steered me to this and I’m glad she did.

    Here’s another picture:

    Green Corner

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