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Whole Lotta Downs

Today I went to see the Saints game with Michael. We rode our bikes to the Superdome. It was the first NFL game I’ve ever seen. The Bloody Mary was good and so was the alligator sausage. Pretty cool that the Saints won. That’s four straight wins after four straight losses, a crazy season so far. Also in this game they broke the team record for the number of first downs. Or maybe they just tied the record, I’m not sure. Anyway, it was a whole lotta downs. Michael told me I should put that in my blog, and he was the man with the extra ticket, after all.

But if you wanna read something really heavy and profound, check out Michael’s latest post, about building foundations on ancestors and children.

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  1. How odd. I was there too, and it was the first time that I’d ever been to an NFL game. Sounds like we both share the same shallow knowledge of football.

  2. Adam E Adam E

    B – You and J went to the RCA (nee Hoosier) Dome for an episode of Rox during a Colts game. I would probably admit you didn’t “see” the game, as it looked like much of your antics took place in the media areas. So, is that why you don’t count it?

  3. Um. Oh. I stand corrected. Thanks, Adam! I think I blocked that from my memory because I didn’t understand the rules of the game at that point in my life, as amply demonstrated by my attempts to call a few plays. Here’s a link for those who’d like to watch the video.

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