/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 I’ve made a few changes to the streaming audio station as I continue the constant pursuit of perfection. Finally came up with a name: radio.rox — blindingly obvious but thanks to Charlotte for prodding me in the right direction. The name suggests the new web address: …which is where […]

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Awrite — I’m taking the plunge and starting my own net radio station. This will be going 24/7 or as long as I can keep it up. Want to listen? Please be my guest. If you know my “taste” in music (and I do use the word “taste” advisedly) you’ll know what to expect. If […]

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Check out this rather grim installment of PRI’s Open Source Radio, “New Orleans: Dead and Gone?” They called me and talked to me and almost used some audio from my Nine Month update, but I don’t seem to have made the final cut. They also interviewed me back in February, but again, no air time. […]

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Man, I thought the political rhetoric was pretty shrill this season, but last night I got an earful of some conservative AM radio that made my toes curl. This dude called the Democrats “vermin” and said the choice was between “Bush or death.” He also said the American people “fear” Teresa Heinz Kerry. I was […]

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Yesterday we drove from New Orleans to Decatur, Alabama where we spent the night. They don’t sell liquor in this county on Sunday, even in restaurants. The next county (Cullman) is completely dry, I think. Since this area is halfway between New Orleans and Bloomington, we’ve stayed around here quite a few times. If you’re […]

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