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Saints Metaphor

I was listening to WWL and WBOK yesterday. These two talk-radio stations could not be more different in so many ways. And yet the theme was the same on both — the Saints as a metaphor for this city. Not a metaphor for what we actually are, but a metaphor for what we could be. A parable, an example, a model. And the message is so simple and basic. If we work together as a team we can succeed. We can achieve excellence. It’s like we’ve been beaten down so hard and for so long that very idea of success seems like a novel concept that can move grown folks to tears of joy.

Unfortunately the follow-up talk pretty much demonstrated that we have a long way to go. I could expand on that but I’m not in the mood.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    those two shows can be an upper and a beat down for sure.

    it’s one of those hokey glass full half empty type deals.

    the one thing i get from the callers is most of wwl’s don’t live in orleans parish and most of wbok’s seem to have a patronage agenda.

    this city has made a lot of progress considering how long the fix has been in.

    it aint gonna change overnight but it is changing.

    keeping people engaged is the david that will sling shot golliath.

    also props to you. i was listening to wist on the way home from work today.

    it was a remote from bud’s broiler by delgado and the owner was talking about the rails to trails project that goes by her biz.

    she didnt seem to know much about it but seemed happy it was happening.

    you should go by there and update her about what it is.

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