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When ROX #85 debuted on the internet, we sent out press releases every which way, and we got quite a bit of coverage, from Time magazine to local media outlets.

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but Xy and I ended up on a drive-time radio show in St. Louis, live in the studio. That was fourteen years ago today, give or take a week.

I’m sure glad we hung on to the audio from that encounter. I think it’s worth a listen, not because of our lame attempts at humor, but for what it reveals about how people viewed the internet and the web back in 1995. Times sure have changed.

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  1. Lee Lee

    I was a noob at computers at the time yall hit this radio show, but remember how seemingly strange the world of the www was at the time. I used a BBS called Metropolis, which had 2 sub-bbs’s called the Big Ten and the Big 12. I found it through our btown phone book. Nobody was ever on the big Ten, so I was on the big 12 a lot. I connected through Microsoft Works communication agent, which worked better than anything I could find at the time, as AOL and others were way too expensive at the time, at an hourly rate. This audio clip is awesome and gave me some comedic relief after a long, tiring day. We’ve got to put this on the DVD set for that season, whenever we get that far.

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