I think these are the earliest photos I ever took. They’re stamped “May 1975” but I think some were taken around Xmas 1974. They appear to have been taken with some sort of pinhole camera. My memories from that time are rather fuzzy — kind of like these pix.







  1. I’m speechless, not to mention amazed! There’s just something about the power of the graven image. With the clarity of digital cameras — and the worship thereof — the beauty of the dancing photons is all but lost. I, obviously, worship old stuff.

  2. Oh jeepers, I thought that was implicitly understood for some reason.

    Yeah, my name is Ian and I was more or less a Rhino’s rat in the mid-90s and went to South High School and IU, which I guess makes me a suptertownie.

    I was more or less completely obsessed with ROX back then (in a non-creepy way) and am similarly obsessed with 80s/early 90s Bton punk culture now.

  3. Now it dawns on me how I first connected to Zamboni. ‘Twas through last.fm cuz I saw you left a comment on the Plastic Cheeses page. Never made the link though. So really it’s not so weird after all — but it sure seemed that way.

    How would one go about contacting you privately? If you put your e-mail address in the appropriate comment form field I’ll see it but no one else will. I’ve got some stuff you may be interested in.

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