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Hair Ideas

Hair Ideas

We were sad to see a bank repo underway at the corner of N. Rendon and Iberville. That’s the site of Hair Ideas, where I sometimes got my hair cut. I forget the name of the lady who was the proprietor. I think she also owned the building, which contains some apartments. She made a couple years of effort to bring her business back after Katrina, but I guess it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry to see this local neighborhood business go.

Here’s a picture of me after my first visit, in July of 2007. It wasn’t exactly the style I wanted, but I was still a very happy customer.

Spontaneous Haircut

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  1. Julie Julie

    I’m sad about it also. That location was a lovely little family-operated grocery store when I was there in the 1950’s. I hope the building is not left to ruin like some others in the area.

  2. Dave Dave

    It was a “cleaners”. The grocery was at the other end of the block, at the corner of Lopez and Bienville. It was owned and operated by the Cucuru’s family, mostly by Mr. Joe Cucuru. I grew up (sort of anyway) in that neighborhood.

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