I suppose most people take political rhetoric with a grain of salt, which is certainly advisable. But I also notice a lot of people get caught up in the hateful narratives spun by the presidential campaigns and the media. I understand, I think, the value of stoking the fires of hatred. It gets people worked […]

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Now that we’ve gone back to closed primaries in this state, I was under the impression that there would be nothing on the ballot for me tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that I cannot participate in the high-profile Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District. I believe the Democrats let independents vote in their primaries, but […]

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Four years ago I was at the national convention of the Green Party. This time around, I was barely aware of it before it was over. Preoccupied I guess. But Cynthia McKinney just got nominated as the Green presidential candidate, and she gives a great acceptance speech. Via C-SPAN and YouTube.

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I was browsing through the January issue of Black Enterprise, and I was surprised to see a map on page 79 predicting the “states Obama can win in the primaries.” Surprised, because they predicted an Obama win in Indiana but not Louisiana. In fact, of course, the reverse was true. I think I could have […]

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I won’t be there, but this sounds interesting: Valentine’s day press conference 11:00 am in front of city hall to celebrate the love between the city council and the private interests who will make millions demolishing public housing. Half hour, fun, satirical protest! Wear red, bring a date! [via txt msg from Brice Nice]

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It seems that in a few hours John Edwards will drop out of the Democratic primary. He’ll make the announcement right here in New Orleans, which is also where he started his campaign. I’ve tried to remain neutral with regard to the primaries. After all, I can’t vote in our state primary (because I’m registered […]

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Now that Christmas is past and campaign season is swinging into full gear, I will permit myself the following cranky thoughts. Remember the mantra from 2004? Anybody but Bush… Anybody but Bush… Well, it turns out now there is someone worse than Bush, and it just so happens that he’s running for president. I’m speaking […]

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The struggle over public housing has been building for years here in New Orleans. Now it’s ramping up to new levels. It’s a disgusting and pathetic spectacle. With apologies to Mom and Dad, it’s a clusterfuck. There’s just no other word to describe it. I don’t have it in me to play reporter and account […]

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