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Charter Amendments

Despite my sterling reputation for civic-mindedness, I hardly ever write to my representatives in city gov’t. It just doesn’t seem like a good use of time. But I did it today. I just sent a quick note in support of the proposed charter amendments that would give the master plan the force of law and give citizens a formal voice in the planning process. Those who were involved in the creation of the our Mid-City Plan or in the never-ending struggles over land-use decisions know how important this could be. Read on for more from the Urban Conservancy, an organization on whose board I used to serve.

Support the Charter Amendments Today

May 27 2008

New Orleans will soon begin work on a Master Plan and a new zoning ordinance to guide the city’s redevelopment and future growth. The in-depth studies and reports that have been generated since Katrina will serve as the foundation for this critical initiative.

For this highly-significant contract to have both an immediate and enduring impact, the New Orleans Home Rule Charter must be amended so that (1) the Master Plan, when completed, will have the force of law — that is, all public officials as well as private citizens will be required to follow it; (2) land use regulations – including the Zoning ordinance – as well as all capital expenditures will have to be consistent with it; and (3) all citizens will be legally structured into the planning process.

Read more on the UC website (includes list of e-mail contacts).

PS: Fielkow and Midura both wrote me back briefly to indicate their support for the amendments.

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  1. dianedz... dianedz...

    You go B. This is a civic right, and most cities/communities have a process in place by which the public is allowed to voice its opinions (city council meetings!!). I will tell you this though, many times, they put these subjects at the very end of the agenda, hoping fewer civic-minded people will actually hang until the end of the meeting. Once the city is behind a project, they (city and developers) do like to shove it through with the least amount of flack. I can surely imagine this would be true in New Orleans as well. You will have to keep your eyes and ears open as many times these votes/agenda items aren’t announced with enough time for people to prepare a defense. Well, what do you know, my experience with the greedy real estate industry might be worth something after all. Dianedz

  2. Max Verret Max Verret

    I wonder if Adams and Reese had anything to do with the Master Plan.
    Just recently finished reading Jamie perdiago’s 76 page suit filed against the Firm. Now that’s what you call a mystery novel.

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