Now that Christmas is past and campaign season is swinging into full gear, I will permit myself the following cranky thoughts.

Remember the mantra from 2004? Anybody but Bush… Anybody but Bush… Well, it turns out now there is someone worse than Bush, and it just so happens that he’s running for president. I’m speaking of course of Rudy Giuliani. Or so the pundits would have us believe — the same people who tried to sell the “Anbody but Bush” line four years ago. On the other side, the hate machines are really cranking up against Hillary Clinton, who is apparently the Antichrist. Tune in to some conservative talk radio and get and earful. It’s really something. You’d think she was actually a leftist.

As fascinating as it is to watch this fight, I wish the Republicans and Democrats would just sort out their priorities and get back to the rest of the country when they’ve chosen their nominees. Why should I waste my mental energy hating Giuliani or Clinton if they’re not even in the running?

I’m not feeling particularly cranky these days, but I still have these thoughts.

  1. I’m for Bill Richardson. Considering the amount of work the next president will have to do I’d like someone with some executive and diplomatic experience.

  2. you hit the nail on the head B…i can’t believe how mush more ramping up will be done before we actually vote…will any politician ever get focused and make changes w/health care and education??? i’m so sick of the obsession with moral issues and “family values” and what religion is the best…those are issues best left to me and my family.

  3. Instead of expecting more from the state, demand less. Much less. A post like jules’ above scares the crap out of me. Stop thinking the state is the answer to your problems, and you will finally be free.

  4. “those are issues best left to me and my family”

    Start saying that about everything, please. Including health care, education, you name it. Not just about your hand-picked things. I don’t need your statist solutions shoved down my throat. No one does.

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