I got some clothes and a swell electric garlic roaster for Christmas this year, but by far the coolest gift comes from my dear departed Grandma Mildred.


It’s a crib blanket that I used as a child forty years ago, handmade by Grandma. The theme seems to be travel. It says: “BY AIR, BY SEA, BY LAND” and it depicts boys and girls employing various means of locomotion: an airplane, a hot air balloon, a sailboat, a train and an automobile.

Apparently Mom kept it on a shelf all these years and decided it’s time to pass it on to the next generation. Thanks Mom.

  1. I love stuff like that. Makes me want to go find someone to make a baby with RIGHT NOW!!! We’ll maybe later. Actually just spending the day with my niece and nephew usually cures me of any thoughts of parenthood and this being the holiday season I’ve seen a lot of them.

  2. You know, in all the excitement about the blanket I missed the real point of the story.

    An electric garlic roaster?

    Do they really make such a thing? Is this a real thing or something from RONCO?

  3. Mazel tov on the passing of the blanket l’dor vador (from generation to generation).

    And I saw that garlic roaster at the N.O. School of Cooking. Not a RONCO product, I can attest to that. I hope it roasts those cloves to perfection! Best to you, Xy, and the young ‘un to be.

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