Dear Mom & Dad, It’s a good time of year to honor ancestors. Many traditions focus on ancestors who have passed away. My genealogical research indicates that the overwhelming majority of our ancestors are in this category. In fact, of direct living ancestors I have but two: the two of you. However much we honor […]

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I’ve been catching up with various friends and relations here in Bloomington. Met up with some roxlysters. Met up with Laura Dedelow, a fellow Gustavacuee. It was especially cool to meet Josh (goodhands) in person. And supercool to finally meet Lee (magic) in the flesh. Lee and I had a very near encounter three years […]

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My parents are coming down for a visit, so we are frantically preparing the household for their arrival. Time to put away the illegal drugs and semi-automatic weapons, the seditious literature and satanic rock music — at least for a while. photo by gurke We also have to conceal the extensive subterranean dungeon we installed […]

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Congratulations to my parents who both scored medals at the 2007 Senior Games. Ray & Ruth Everson, Mooresville, competed in the Summer National Senior Games in Louisville, KY. Everson’s events included the 1500 meter track race walk in 9:31 earning him a Bronze medal in the 70-74 age group. Two days later he contested the […]

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