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Prize-Winning Parents

Congratulations to my parents who both scored medals at the 2007 Senior Games.

Gold Medal Parents

Ray & Ruth Everson, Mooresville, competed in the Summer National Senior Games in Louisville, KY. Everson’s events included the 1500 meter track race walk in 9:31 earning him a Bronze medal in the 70-74 age group. Two days later he contested the 5K road race walk in 32:15 good for the Gold Medal. Ruth Everson competed in the 65-69 age group and ran the 5K road race in 26.32 for 4th place and came home with a Bronze medal in the 10K road race with a time of 55.57.

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  1. Marion Marion

    Well Bart! Your parents are a cute couple. Bet they could run circles around you huh!

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