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In April I looked out my window and saw three white kids pushing a white car. They stopped just down the street from our house. I thought to myself, “Oh, they’re having car trouble.” An hour later I noticed they were gone but the car was still there, and it dawned on me: That car’s gonna be there for a while.

Indiana Plate

It’s a white Honda Prelude with an Indiana plate, #96 C 3139. That’s Lake County, I think. No good, dirty, rotten Hoosiers.

It’s three months later and the car is still there. A couple weeks ago someone jacked it up and helped themselves to some parts. Last week another house was gutted and the debris was partially piled on top of the car.

Car Under Debris

I’ve faxed and phoned about this vehicle repeatedly. I’ve seen the police come out in response to my calls and take note of the vehicle. Yup, that’s an abandoned car all right. They even appear to write stuff down. But it’s still there. I wonder how long it will stay?

Update: An anonymous tipster tells me that this plate is registered to one Kevin Trotman out of Munster, Indiana — who should not be confused with this Flickr user of the same name.

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  1. I like the planter idea.

    Could it possibly be made into a planter and then dragged to a position blocking the driveway of whomever is in charge of the Good Neighbor program?

  2. Garvey Garvey

    For the non-Hooisers, the first two numbers of an Indiana plate designates the county of registration. There are 92 counties in Indiana, and each of the counties gets the number 1-92 in alphabetical order of county name. But two counties have too many people, so they also have plates using 93-99. Lake County, which is the Chicago suburbs, aka Chicagoland, aka the Calumet Region, or Region for short, uses 45, 94, and 96. Marion County, home of Indy, uses 49, 93, 95, 97, 98, and 99.

    You’re welcome for the useless information!

  3. It took 8 months for me to get a derelict car off Marais.

    I can’t understand how it is that for a parking violation the tow trucks show up in no time at all, but a flagged car takes this long.

    Maybe the City is hoping it can call these dead vehicles flooded cars and get the Feds to pay for removal whilst raking in the $$$ by towing a car which has been parked 15 minutes too long in it’s spot.

  4. …well there’s the answer. Get a couple of guys and push it to a (very) illegal spot.

    That might actually work.

  5. LatinTeacher LatinTeacher

    I have a buddy who lived on Conti pre-Katrina and for years there was a vehicle with an expired MS license plate and expired inspection that sat in front of his house. (Of course, if he or I parked the wrong way on the wrong side of the street a metermaid would swoop out of some wormhole and write us a ticket.) He made several calls over several months to get the car towed and nothing ever happened. Till we got a little drunk at a crawfish boil and a bunch of us moved it into the middle of the street. Then he called and said that someone had abandoned a car. It was gone the next morning.

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