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We took a break from Bloomington and made a side trip to visit my family.

When we arrived at my parents’ house, I was alarmed to discover my father lying on the floor in the kitchen. My folks aren’t getting any younger. Was this a medical emergency?

Dishwasher Repair

No, Dad was just fixing the dishwasher, which had sprung a leak. Unfortunately he started the repair job before checking the net, where he learned the source of the leak was most likely a tiny gasket in the detergent dispenser. Amazingly, he was able to order the part online and have it delivered the next day.

My parents have a nice bit of acreage near Monrovia, Indiana. They have two or three extensive gardens but the yard was pretty well parched. I guess it hadn’t rained there for a month or so. The lake was at an all-time low. It still made for placid gazing.

Lake Gazing

On the next day we made a trip up to Indianapolis to visit the Children’s Museum. We met my nephew and niece there, along with my great-nephew who is just about Persephone’s age. They had never met before. Here’s a video of them riding the carousel.


This excursion was a little nostalgic for me, as I used to spend so much time at the Children’s Museum that it felt like a second home. Back then it was a free museum, the world’s largest I believe. Now it’s simply the world’s largest Children’s Museum, but it ain’t free no more. I think it may well have the world’s longest line for tickets, and the world’s coldest air conditioning. The place has grown so much I could barely find the core of the old building. Of all the old exhibits I remember, the only one I recognized was the the carousel.

My mom has posted better photos on her blog, including a picture of me standing next to Peyton Manning. Now that he’s no longer a resident he confided he agrees with me about Indianapolis.

The next day I noticed some glands in the side of my neck were swollen. This happens from time to time; at least this wasn’t as bad as the case I had back in 2008. I did feel strangely fatigued. I’d been in the habit of waking at dawn, but now I found myself able to sleep in. Shortly after rolling out of bed I took a three hour nap. Odd. Perhaps being in the presence of my parents was restoring my teenage habits.

Later that day, we headed to Greenwood, that suburb of Indy where I was raised, to visit my sister and her family. I finally met my niece’s husband, Josh. In fact, it was such a momentous reunion that we took a family portrait.


That’s just the females. I couldn’t take a photo of the whole family because I was in it. Fortunately Mom had a tripod and a timer, so check her blog to see how I tower above the rest of the family.

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