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Song My Parents Taught Me

Apropos of nothing at all, here’s a mix of songs my parents taught me.

Mostly these are songs I remember hearing my father sing while he did dishes or what have you. I think of my parents as pre-rock’n’roll but that’s not exactly true. You’ll hear some early rock hits here as well as the old vocal groups from back in the day. These songs stuck with me for years and I still sing some of these myself. Maybe some day my daughter will learn them too.

I burned this mix to a CD and sent it to my parents a few years ago before a visit. They listened to the disc on the drive down and attempted to fill out a little form I’d devised, “Name That Artist.” A fun game, and they scored impressively well.

I said these were mostly songs my father sang, but there are a couple glorious exceptions. See if you can catch them.

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  1. Mom Mom

    It’s fun to hear these again. We still have that CD somewhere. I’m going to have to find it and play it once again. Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  2. I love this idea for a game and all. You are very creative. You picked out the highest selling records of all time. Elvis was the coolest thing to hit the music world. My mom like Frank Sinatra, so how do you compare our parents’ tastes? LOL My daughter listens to the same music that I did, and still do listen to the same music out today. She’s 40, and when she was about 15 she wanted to go to a Pink Floyd concert — and I flipped out (thinking that she would be dropping acid like my friends in the 60s did when they went to concerts by groups like them. Anyway, she got to go, but I was over reacting. I even went to see them about 8 or 9 years ago in Miami with a girlfriend my age. we took raincoats and sat in the rain next to people smoking pot. I declined when they offered it to me, and I had never liked pot anyway, but my friend was tempted till I reminded her that people put all kinds of stuff in it now days. Well, i’ve told you my life story without introducing myself. i’m friends with Mimi and thought your name and icon was interesting so I peekd at her friend’s wall and found this. Love the music that my mother played also (now that it is playing older music). Well, tak care now. love and peace, Cynthia aka Stormy Shea

  3. Grampa Ray Grampa Ray

    I just finished listening to the 16 tunes you put out there, and they really stirred up some fond memories. I love all of them, but perhaps the two best are by the Gaylords:”Only you” and “From the vine came the grape”. I’ve never been to the Isle of Capri, but after hearing the familiar words again, I think I want to visit there someday before I croak.

    I also love the picture you posted of me and Mom with Persephone and Crybaby. Please give both of them a kiss from Grampa Ray.

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