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Double Plus Ungood

I wish I had the good taste and self-restraint to only post mixes of “good” music, or music that I really like. But unfortunately I don’t, and here’s the proof: fifteen tracks of dubious quality on a science fiction theme.

I love science fiction, but this mix is pretty awful. (My apologies to the artists.) Listen at your own risk. Actually one of these songs I kind of like; you can try to guess as you suffer thru the rest, if you choose to actually listen to this mix, which of course you shouldn’t unless you are a glutton for punishment or share my sense of perversity. (My apologies to the listener in any case.)

I’ve been collecting music with science fiction themes for a while. Putting together a “best of” mix is a daunting task. So a year ago, more or less, I compiled a “worst of” mix, which I gave away as boobie prize at my science fiction reading club. But even a “worst of” mix presents a challenge, as I discovered. You see, there’s (at least) two kinds of bad. There’s perversely-interesting bad, and then there’s just-plain-boring bad, and who wants to listen to that? Today’s mix is derived from that earlier effort and hopefully focuses on the former. Still no excuse.

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  1. I don’t have a clue on this one, but it sounds a lot like a mixture of ET movie soundtrack and Star Wars’, “Return of the Jedi.” It picks up a lot more friendly type reggae sounds that I like much better by the second song. You are really getting into this. I have a new pop out player from on my profile page (I think), and it is a much handier playlist-player with unbelievable sounds than its original designers In fact, I’m sure they used’s player and website as something to improve on and make you want to take it with you everywhere, which you can do by uploading all the songs on my player for free to an iPod. Craig David is featured on my player, and to get one of your own, all you have to do is click on any song on the add+ to the right of the songs, and it will take you to the website to join and get your very own player. i hope you like my songs enough to just copy my entire list. with podmix pop-out players, you can minimize at the bottom of the page and flip through your mail here and on other sites without losing your song that you are listening to — and yet, you can pull it up to pause it when you are listening to videos or songs on other websites or friend’s pages. Please, please try it. I think music helps to define who we are — and I am promoting Craig David’s music for a possible US Tour. he’s famous all over the world except in the USA. of course, he plays for the rich and famous here at awards banquets or specials. I guess you would call him the entertainer’s entertainer.Love and Peace, Cynthia Johns aka Stormy Shea

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