Everyone says it was a terrible year, and maybe it was, but here’s some proof it wasn’t all bad. Gratitude to the artists who put so much heart and soul into this beautiful music. 2016 from editor_b on 8tracks Radio.

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There’s so much good music coming out these days it’s stunning. Don’t believe me? Give this a listen. It was almost painful putting this mix together because I left so much out, but what’s left just feels absolutely essential to me. Further more I’d wager that you haven’t heard of virtually any of these artists. […]

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Not new music, but music that’s new to me. You’ve probably heard it all before. Or have you? Recent Discoveries by Editor B on 8Tracks These are the ten tracks I’ve been digging the most over the last couple weeks or so, including music by Henry Mancini, Damien Tavis Toman, and Devo. I love these […]

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This mix might put you to sleep. This is what we listen to here when trying to get our three-year-old daughter to lie down and take a nap. It could also serve as a basic primer on the history of ambient music. Nine tracks including music by Basic Channel, Ginnungagap, and LAShTAL. About ninety minutes […]

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It must still be finals week somewhere because my “Study” mix is raking in the love. As I was writing this a rare comment came thru: “I was procrastinating like crazy until I found this gem and put myself to work on my essay which btw is due tomorrow. Thanks!” So maybe it’s not a […]

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Some people say it’s irreligious to celebrate Hellacious Saturday. I say they don’t know church doctrine very well. Here’s what we’re having today: horseradish bacon deviled eggs, deviled ham, and devil’s food cake — with a little Belzebuth blond ale to wash it down. And here’s some music to enjoy while we feast. Happy holy […]

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